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Mother and son travel company bosses given 21-year holiday from being directors

14 April 2014 12:45

Gail Bottomley and her son Darren Bottomley, directors of coach travel firm Gain Travel Experience Ltd (“Gain”) based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, have been disqualified for a combined 21 years from acting as directors for failing to protect customer money paid up-front for holidays and travel.


Security company’s stolen records do not prevent director’s disqualification

26 March 2014 11:45

Christopher Hill, the Huddersfield-based director of Inventive Security Limited (“Inventive”), was disqualified from acting as a director for seven years from 27 March 2014 for failing to keep proper records, following an investigation by the Insolvency Service.


Time called as pub outsourcing scam directors are served with 13 years ban

17 March 2014 17:04

Two directors of a pub management company that failed to pay its creditors have been disqualified from acting as directors for a total of 13 years following an investigation by the Insolvency Service.


Bankrupt jailed for two years for failing to disclose assets or account for losses

25 February 2014 11:45

Anthony Kellett, a bankrupt has been sentenced to two years imprisonment by HHJ Kelson Q.C. at Sheffield Crown Court on 27 January 2014 for failing to disclose cash of £ £33,160.29 in his estate at the time of the bankruptcy and failing to account for payments totalling £97,074.16 out of personal bank accounts in the 12 months before he became bankrupt.


Hull ‘bankruptcy tourism’ company crashes

31 January 2014 13:15

Hull-based legal firm Lovell Hill & Co LLP (“LHC”) was wound up by the High Court in Manchester for abusing the UK insolvency regime by offering bankruptcy relocation services to Germans seeking to take advantage of the shorter bankruptcy discharge periods in the UK – bankruptcy tourism.


Insolvency Service shuts down I-Sleep Ltd furniture retailer and franchises

09 January 2014 14:15

A group of five companies that sold household furniture across the UK under the I-Sleep Ltd (I-Sleep) umbrella were wound-up in the public interest on 8 January 2014 for selling goods of low quality, or failing to supply goods already paid for, following an investigation by the Insolvency Service.


GOAL! Official Receiver hits back of the net with ban for former footballers

10 December 2013 14:55

Ex-footballers Paul Sugrue, once of Manchester City, and former Wales International Mark Aizlewood have both been disqualified as company directors for six years each for failing to comply with requirements relating to the funding of sports apprenticeships, within their training company, Luis Michael Training Limited (LMT).


Yorkshire family banned for 26 years for ripping off the elderly and disabled

28 October 2013 15:00

James Ernest Robinson and his two children Andrew Robinson and Jacqueline Salt, directors of Luggie UK Ltd (“Luggie”) in Yorkshire, have been disqualified from being company directors for a total of 26 years for selling high priced scooters to disabled and elderly people, without assessing their needs.


Yorkshire solicitor banned as a director for seven years for company’s failure to pay £0.6m tax

25 October 2013 09:45

Bradford solicitor John Wilson, the director of legal services firm, Lawyours LLP (‘Lawyours’), has been disqualified from acting as a director by the High Court sitting in Leeds for seven years, for failing to pay £0.6m in tax.


Land banking companies that implied World Cup and Olympics connections in a £5m scam wound up by the Insolvency Service

17 October 2013 12:30

Five connected land ‘investment’ companies that operated a £5m land banking scam in Brazil from a UK base, using high pressure sales tactics have been wound up in the public interest by the High Court.